Special login configuration

Configuration --> Login --> Special Login

This page is for modems which require a more complicated series of steps to reach the BusyBox (CLI) shell, or for other specialised purposes.

Special login setup

(Note that this page is greyed out when DSLstats is recording data. To make changes to the login configuration you must stop or pause recording first).

Select the "Special login" section of the Configuration tab. Fill in the details as necessary, and tick "Enable special login". You can fill in all the details manually, or select a modem from the drop-down list and then edit any of its details which may have been changed from the default. At the top of the drop-down list are models which must be configured this way. All the other models can be configured more simply using the regular Login page.

The two columns labelled "Prompt" and "Response" are what you see if you log into the router by telnet. The response is what you type when you see the prompt. At the present time, the program doesn't check the prompts during login, and they are only included here to indicate what each response does.

This configuration page can, if you wish, also be used for modems which can be accommodated by the normal login configuration page. So you could keep two separate configurations and switch between them by ticking or unticking "Enable special login".

Insert delay before login commands

This option adds a small time delay before each command during the login process. It should normally be unnecessary, but may help with some modems which are a little slow to respond. The delay time can be varied between 100 milliseconds and two seconds.

It has been reported that, with the modem shown in the image above, a 100 ms delay enables the program to connect reliably.