Snapshots configuration

Configuration --> Snapshots

On this page you can configure how snapshots are managed.


In this section you can configure the program to automatically save snapshots of the graphs as each page time period is completed. First choose a directory in which to save the snapshots - by default this will be ~/.dslstats on Linux systems, and the same directory as the executable on Windows systems. Then tick the graphs which you want to autosave. Graph snapshots have .png extensions.

If you have the webserver running when you change the snapshot directory, the webserver will be temporarily stopped while the change is being implemented, then restarted afterwards. This is because the webserver files are saved in a folder called 'webserver' in the snapshot directory.

You can also autosave various text pages in the same way. These will be saved in the same directory as the graph snapshots, and have .txt extensions.

For auto snapshots of graphs to work, the corresponding graph tab has to be enabled, and the program automatically enables graphs as necessary to meet this requirement. If you subsequently try to disable a graph which has auto snapshots enabled, the program will display a message disallowing this action.

Filenames: Name order or Date order

These are alternatives for the format of the filenames used for snapshots. If "Name order" is selected, the type of graph (e.g. "Bitloading") will appear first in the filenames; if "Date order" is selected, the date and time of the snapshot will appear first. This affects the way in which snapshots will be shown in directory listings - ordered by graph type or ordered by date/time.

Save snapshots in daily folders

When this option is enabled, all snapshots will be saved in a directory with the current date as its name (e.g. 2013-05-13) inside the main snapshot directory.

Save snapshots in categories

This is an alternative to daily folders. With this option enabled, snapshots will be saved in separate folders for each type of graph (SNRM, bitloading, etc.). Enabling this option will disable daily folders, and vice versa.

Delete snapshots older than N days

If this option is enabled, once a day DSLstats will search the snapshots directory for snapshots older than the specified number of days, and delete them. If the snapshots are in daily folders, entire folders will be deleted with their contents. If not, graph snapshots (*.png), XML saves (*.xml) and the various log files and other text files saved by DSLstats will be deleted. Daily folders will be deleted only if (a) their timestamp is older than the specified number of days and (b) the name of the folder matches the timestamp.

Auto snapshots timing

By default, auto snapshots are taken as each page time period is completed. E.g. if the time per page is set to 2 hours, then auto snapshots will also be taken every 2 hours. This option enables you to take the auto snapshots with a different timing. Uncheck the box "Use same timing as time per page" and select the number of hours you want.

Snapshot timing linked to start of recording

This is the default option, but you can tick the other option "Take first snapshot of the day at:" and fill in the time values, in order to specify a specific timing sequence.