Snapshot example

The state of any of the graphs can be saved as a snapshot image, which will be in .png format. Each graph has a Green camera icon "Take snapshot" button which you can use to save an image of the current view. You can also configure the program to take periodic snapshots automatically (See Snapshots configuration).

Snapshots are given a filename which includes the date and time, and the type of graph. This filename can optionally have the date/time first, or the graph type first. This affects the order in which snapshots are shown in a directory listing, i.e. ordered by date/time or ordered by type. In all cases, the date and time will be the current date and time when the snapshot was taken.

It's essential that the directory used for snapshots exists and is writeable, and before a snapshot is saved, the program tests this by writing a zero-byte file called "test" to the selected directory. If this test fails, saving the snapshot is aborted and a note is added to the event log. After completing the snapshot, the "test" file is deleted.