Save/restore graph data as XML files

Configuration --> Advanced --> Save/Restore XML

From this page you can set up the program to save the accumulated graphical data (for the time-related graphs) as XML files, and restore the data later for viewing.

Save / restore XML data

Saving the graph data

Check the boxes for the graphs which you want to save. They can be saved automatically when you stop recording or saved when you exit from the program (or both). You can also save them manually at any time by pressing the appropriate "Save" buttons. The XML files will be saved in your snapshots directory (in the daily folders if you have this option enabled).

Restoring graph data

Press "Select XML file" and choose the file which you want to restore. Its full path will be copied into the box. Then press "Restore graph". If the program is in the middle of sampling at the time, it will wait until sampling is complete before proceeding. Recording will be paused until normal operation is resumed. The present state of the graph will be saved in a temporary file before restoring the selected version.

If the operation is successful, the message "Graph restored" is displayed in red, as in the screenshot above. You can now view the restored graph and scroll back and forward though it, and take manual snapshots if you wish.

When you've finished viewing the restored data, press "Return to normal operation" and the program will be restored to its previous state.