The program collects data from the router at regular intervals, defined by the sampling period (30 second intervals by default). The data is plotted on various graphs, which divide broadly into two types:
  • Graphs which have time on the horizontal axis and scroll horizontally as new samples are plotted
  • Graphs which have tone numbers on the horizontal axis
The time-related graphs store all the plotted data, and the user can scroll backwards through time to see any part of the graph since recording was started.

The tone number-related graphs do not store the data.

Both types of graph can have snapshots taken manually or automatically.

If the DSL connection drops, the time-related graphs will stop plotting until the connection is re-established. When this happens, an entry will be made in the event log, saying "No DSL connection". When the connection is restored the graphs resume plotting, and the gap is filled with dotted lines.

If the router fails to return a sample, the time-related graphs will plot dotted lines, and a log entry will be made, saying "No stats received".

Starting, pausing and stopping recording is controlled by three buttons on the toolbar at the top. The buttons are:
  • Start
                  button Start or resume recording
  • Pause
                  button Pause recording
  • Stop
                  button Stop recording
These buttons are enabled or disabled, depending on the current status.

If the pause button is pressed while recording is in process, recording is paused until the "Start or resume" button is pressed. A log entry is made saying "Recording paused", followed by "Recording resumed" when it resumes. When recording is resumed after pausing, the time related graphs will plot dotted lines for the period while recording was paused.

If the stop button is pressed while recording is in process, all graph plotting stops. When "Start or resume recording" is subsequently pressed, all the graphs are cleared and started afresh.

If either the Pause or Stop button is pressed while Sampling is displayed on the toolbar, the action is delayed until sampling is complete.