Items to monitor

Configuration --> Items to Monitor

Here you can configure which items to monitor.


Some of these items are grouped together, because they are obtained from the same CLI command.


These items are obtained from the command <Command prefix> info --stats (or <Command prefix> info expand=enabled for Thomson/Technicolor routers). Each one represents a different graph which plots the data against a scrolling time axis. Tick the items which you want to monitor and untick the others.

pbParams (not applicable to Thomson/Technicolor routers)

These items are obtained from the command <Command prefix> info --pbParams. This is a specialised command which applies only to VDSL2 connections. The command is always run once at the start of recording to determine the way in which the tones are assigned to upstream, downstream and "other".

The item "SNRM per band" is optional. If enabled, the pbParams command is run at every sample, and the results are displayed in plain text form in a tab called "pbParams" under the main "Telnet data" tab. SNRM per band is plotted as a pair of graphs (upstream and downstream) if this option is enabled.


These items are obtained from the command <Command prefix> info -- Bits (or <Command prefix> debug bitloadinginfo for Thomson/Technicolor routers). The graphs display bitloading per tone and bitswaps per tone. Tick the items which you want to monitor.

Other items (not applicable to Thomson/Technicolor routers)

The remaining items - SNR per tone, QLN, HLog, etc. - all have individual CLI commands to obtain the data. Enabling an item will cause this command to be issued, and the results displayed on its own tab. The command is issued at every sample in most cases, but only once per connection in the case of QLN and HLog.

If you see periodic entries in the event log saying "Timeout while retrieving stats"  or similar messages, it may help to disable some of the items in this section, to reduce the load on the modem.