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MyDSLWebStats is an online service which enables users to upload regular statistics concerning the state of their ADSL or VDSL2 internet connections, and view these in graphical form in a browser from anywhere in the world. See for full information.

In order to participate in this service, you must first register at the site linked above, to get a user name and validation key. Then enter these details in the configuration page:



For this service to work optimally, it's recommended that your PC clock is synchronised to an internet time service such as NTP. This will ensure that your uploaded data is correctly timed in MyDSLWebStats.

Upload data to MyDSLWebStats

Set this option to enable the uploading of data. You must enter the other details before setting this option, otherwise you will get a warning message when you start recording. If you have the time between samples set to less than a minute, when you enble this option the sample period will be set to one minute and a message will be displayed to advise you of this.


This is the name which you chose when you registered with MyDSLWebStats.

Validation key

This key is emailed to you when you register. The key is stored in encrypted form and is normally obscured on the configuration page, but you can see the key in plain text if you enable the "Reveal" option. When entering this key it's best to copy and paste it from the email, to avoid errors.

Check now

Press this button to check that the username and validation key which you've entered are valid. A message will be displayed showing the result of the check.

Path to curl executable (Linux only)

On Linux systems the program curl must be installed for this service to work. If the curl executable is in a different location you can set the pathname here.

Use of curl with Windows

The Windows versions of DSLstats include a suitable version of curl.exe packaged with the rest of its files. This will not conflict with any other instances of curl.exe which you may have already installed. You should retain the packaged version, because other versions may not function correctly with DSLstats.

When running the program you may see a Windows "Unknown Publisher" warning concerning curl.exe. To avoid this dialog popping up with every sample, untick the box "Always ask before opening this file". The supplied version of curl is safe, and downloaded from a reliable source:

Items to include

Normally you will probably want to include all the possible elements. But if you have a poor internet connection (or a very limited upload allowance) and want to reduce the amount of data being uploaded, you can uncheck some or all of the items shown. The main connection stats are always included.