Miscellaneous options

Configuration --> Misc

Miscellaneous options

Select the "Misc" section of the Configuration tab.

Autostart recording on program start

If this option is set, when you start DSLstats running it will automatically start recording after three seconds. Note that, if you launch the program with command line parameters (startrecording, minimised or maximised), these will take precedence over this option, and it will be ignored.

Start program minimised / maximised

When one of these options is set, DSLstats will be minimised or maximised at startup. As with the above option, command line parameters will take precedence over these options.

Confirm close of program

If this is enabled, when you shut down the program you will first be asked to confirm that you want to do this.

Exit button minimises program

With this option enabled, when you click the Exit button the program is minimised.

Minimise to system tray

If this option is enabled, when you minimise the program it will be represented only by an icon in the system tray (if your desktop has this feature). If you click on the icon, the program will be restored. A right-click on the system tray icon pops up a small menu offering the choice of restoring the program or shutting it down.

Display event log

Enabling this item will reveal the final tab, in which significant events and any errors of communication between the program and the router will be recorded. The data can be saved to a file, which could be helpful in diagnosing problems. Normally this log will be empty, except for routine events.

Save event log on exit (or after each event)

If one of these options is enabled, a text copy of the event log will be saved in the snapshot directory when the program is shut down (or after each event is logged).

Save extra diagnostic information

If this option is enabled, extra information is saved to the event log during the first login, to assist diagnosis of login problems. Also, when closing down, if errors occur during the shutdown process, extra data is logged, the event log is saved, and a popup message informs you of the location of the saved log.

Automatically check for updates

If this option is enabled, at certain intervals the program will check the website to see if a more recent version is available for download. If so, a new tab will be displayed with the latest changelog and various options for handling the update. You can set the intervals (every 1 - 14 days) and you can also check immediately by pressing the "Check now" button.

Auto-restart after pause

If you forget to restart recording after pausing, this option will restart recording automatically after the specified number of minutes.

Location of config files (Windows version only)

Here you can choose whether the configuration files (dslstats.ini etc.) should be stored in the standard location as advised by the operating system, or in the same folder as the other DSLstats files (dslstats.exe etc.). You can change this option at any time, and the files will be automatically moved between the two locations. When you do this, an entry is made in the event log to say what has been done.
When DSLstats start up, the first entry in the event log records the current location of the config files.

HG612-Modem-Stats co-operation (Windows version only)

HG612-Modem-Stats is a set of Windows programs and scripts which provide detailed logging and graphing capabilities for some VDSL2 modems used in the UK. Enabling this option modifies the behaviour of DSLstats so that it runs alongside the HG612-Modem-Stats programs without conflict. See the Changelog entry for v3.95 for details.

This option is only available in the Windows version, and should only be used if you need it for the stated purpose. It forces the sample timing to 60 seconds, and the sampling takes place at 35-40 seconds after the minute.

Show popup hints

By default, DSLstats shows popup hints in several places when you hover the mouse over an item. If you untick this option, the popup hints will be suppressed.

Pause after login error

By default, if an error occurs while attempting to login for a sample, the program will report the error and continue recording. But if this option is set, the program will pause recording after a login error.