A program for monitoring a DSL connection

For use with Broadcom-based modems

View of program running

DSLstats is a DSL monitoring program for Linux, Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) and Windows.

The purpose of this program is to monitor the state of an ADSL or VDSL2 connection. It works with DSL modems using Broadcom chipsets which have a fully functional telnet interface with access to the Broadcom CLI.
It also supports some Thomson/Technicolor modem/routers via their custom CLI, but some of the features of the program are not available for these models.
All of the data is obtained from the CLI via telnet. See Compatible modems.

Data is displayed in graphical form, and also can be seen in raw telnet CLI format.

Some basic stats are displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

On the toolbar at the top there are several buttons. The first three are Start button "Start or resume recording", Pause button"Pause recording", and Stop button "Stop recording". These buttons are enabled or disabled, depending on the current state of the program. The fourth button opens the DSLstats website, where full information on using the program can be found.

At the right-hand end of the toolbar is the Exit button Exit button, which terminates the program (or minimises it, if that option is enabled). Next to the Exit button is the Snapshot all
              button "Snapshot all" button which takes immediate snapshots of all active graphs. In between the two groups of buttons, informational messages are displayed at various times.