Graph configuration

Configuration --> Graphs

Here you can configure the way the graphs are used and displayed.


Select the "Graphs" section of the Configuration tab. There are four sections:


Sample every - The time between successive samples of data taken from the router. The default is 30 seconds. Note that, if the option "HG612-Modem-Stats co-operation" is enabled, the sample time will be fixed at 60 seconds and cannot be changed.

Time per page - The time to fill up one page of each graph. After this time the graphs will scroll to the left as each new sample is taken. The default is 2 hours. The maximum is 14 days (plus 23 hours), and the minimum is 1 hour.


These sections define the colours of the various elements of the graphs. Select the colours you want from the drop-down lists, or choose "Custom" to mix your own colours.


Graph line thickness - The graph lines can be set to a thickness of 1, 2 or 3 pixels.

Legend position - The legend at the top of most graphs can be displayed at the top left or top right (the default).

Font used in graphs - The font to be used for all the graphs. Click on the button and select the font you want. Only the font name is used here, not the style or size.