Extracting the files from the download archives

The Linux and Raspberry Pi versions all include an executable called dslstats and another executable called uploadnn.l32 or uploadnn.l64 or uploadnn.rpi. If you extract the files using Windows, the executable bits for these files will be lost. In this case, after copying the files to their destination, you should mark the two files as executable again. The easiest way to do this is with the file manager - right-click on each file and select "Properties" --> "Permissions".

Current version: 6.1

The program is available for four operating systems:
Pre-release versions

None at present

Previous versions


On request - see Changelog

Self-extracting installer versions
  • 32-bit Windows v6.1 (soon)
Updated copies of routers.dat

None at present

Additional file to make the webserver work

Download this file and copy it to the same folder as the DSLstats executable and other downloaded files. This is not be needed in versions after 6.0.4.

This software is provided in good faith, in the hope that some people may find it useful. It has been extensively tested, and is believed to work as described, but the author can accept no responsibility for any consequences arising from use of the software.