Data Store

Configuration --> Data Store

Data store

DSLstats can save the data which it collects in a local data store, and can optionally upload it to a remote FTP server.

Save data to data store

Tick this box to enable saving of the data.

Location of data store

This specifies the local directory where the data will be saved. The data is all saved in daily folders with folder names in the format yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 2018-03-27).

To select a different directory, click on the folder icon beside the box and navigate to the directory of your choice. This must be a directory where you have full read/write access.

Save main stats as:

You have the option to save the main stats as a separate file after each sample, or as a single file for each day. The single file will be called Stats.log, and the separate files will be called Stats-hh-nn.log (e.g. Stats-16-08.log). On most systems a single file will take up a lot less disk space.

Items to include

The main stats are always included. Here you can select which additional items to save to the data store and to include in the FTP uploads.

Upload data to online service

If you tick this box, the selected data will be uploaded to the specified FTP server. It will be uploaded with the same frequency as the data is saved to the data store, and in the same format. When this option is enabled, the "Save main stats as" option will be set to "Single file each day".

Upload URL, Upload directory

These boxes combine to define the destination where the files will be uploaded. "Upload URL" is the root location for logging in, and "Upload directory" is the subdirectory path under the root. Depending on the server, you may be able to enter the full path in the first box and leave the second box empty, if you wish.

Username, Password

Enter your FTP server login details here.

FTP port

This is the FTP access port on the server (normally 21).


After filling in the FTP login details, press this button to check that the details are correct. This uploads two small files (FTPtest1 and FTPtest2) to the server and reports success or failure. If it fails there may be more information in the event log.

Reveal password

If you tick this box the password will be shown in plain text.