Custom CLI commands

Configuration --> Advanced --> Custom Commands

From this page you can send custom commands to the router at specified times.

Custom CLI commands

Enter up to four commands in the boxes, and tick the command number boxes for the events which you want each command to be triggered by. In the example above, command number 1 will be sent at the start of a recording session, and commands 1 and 2 will be sent after a re-sync. Command number 3 will be sent with the next sample if you press the "Send now" button.

The commands are sent in the course of a normal sampling process. If you enable "Before closing down" there will be a short delay after closing the program while one more sample is processed in order to send the custom command(s).

The data returned by the commands is displayed in the "Output" box. You can save this to disk at any time by pressing "Save text", or erase the data by pressing "Clear text". You can also enable automatic snapshots of the output text - see Graph configuration.

You can optionally choose to direct the output of the commands to the event log instead of the output box seen in the image above.