v6.5.9 (pre-release version)
  • fixed bug which resulted in all uploaded snapshots being copies of the ES snapshots
  • text snapshots are now included in the uploads
  • corrected issue whereby auto deletion of older snapshots sometimes happened too soon (?)
v6.5.8 (pre-release version)
  • added check to disallow spaces in FTP upload directories and URLs
  • fixed bug whereby Data Store uploads were not uploaded into daily folders
  • the files used for FTP upload tests are now named FTPtest1 and FTPtest2
  • added FTPS to the choice of FTP protocols
  • added FTP upload of snapshots
  • added FTP upload failure alert (after four successive failures)
v6.5.6 (pre-release version)
  • fixed bug which resulted in FTP upload test returning success when curl isn't installed
v6.5.5 (not generally released)
  • SFTP upload now works properly on all supported platforms
  • uploading is disabled after four upload/login failures in succession
  • time/day stamps of data store files are now tied to the start of processing after collecting the data from the modem
  • the time between successive webserver uploads can be adjusted between 1 and 60 minutes
v6.5.2 (pre-release version)
  • result of FTP test upload is now reported as a red/green label instead of a message box
  • when copying to clipboard or making a snapshot of the average errors, this now includes the  Total ES line
  • when restarting recording after stopping it, the SNRM per band and traffic per minute graphs are now reset in the same way as the other time-scrolling graphs
  • SES delta DS and US values now included in Stats.log (fields 48 and 49)
  • fixed incorrect band allocation when U0 is unused
  • FTP uploads can now use TLS/SSL if the server supports it
  • Added capability to regularly upload the webserver files
v6.5 released 5 April 2018
  • data store single Stats file now has a line break after each sample
  • the data store Stats file is now named "Stats.log"
  • fixed the issue with ES/hour in which the data for the last day of the previous month is missing
  • corrected small timing error whereby the time between successive zip files in the data store was 61 minutes instead of 60
  • very minor cosmetic changes

v6.3.5 (pre-release version)
  • fixed transitional webserver code which sometimes omitted the path delimiter when upgrading from a previous version
  • fixed duplicate event log messages about location of webserver files
  • FTP test upload files are now named "FTPtest1" and "FTPtest2" and are not deleted after  upload
  • fixed the extra " in the error message "File .... failed to upload"
  • fixed the error in graph time per page when closing and restarting DSLstats
  • the names of the files in the data store now have the format ""
  • the default Snapshots folder is now <config files location>/Snapshots
  • manual editing of snapshots, webserver and data store locations is now disallowed
  • regular FTP upload of all stats is now enabled using daily folders on the server
  • some small cosmetic changes
v6.3.4 (pre-release version)
  • webserver and data store files are now saved directly in the selected locations
v6.3.3 (not released)
  • ES/hour chart now covers two days
  • added feature to save data store files remotely (only the test works at present)
v6.3.2 (not generally released)
  • minimum value of FEC/min graph in logarithmic mode is now 0.1
v6.3.1 (pre-release version)
  • added total daily ES to error averages page
  • added option to choose the location of the webserver files
  • added option to save the webserver files when the webserver isn't running
v6.3 (experimental version)
  • removed MDWS upload capability
  • added local store for all collected data
  • increased the maximum time per page to 14 days
v6.1.3 (pre-release version)
  • fixed failed snapshots when the first time is set to 00:00
v6.1.2 (withdrawn)

v6.1.1 (not generally released)
  • added date/time stamp to email alerts
  • added decimal conversion of Vendor ID in stats
v6.1 released 19 November 2017
  • removed unhelpful event log messages  "Implausible up/down traffic..."
  • band extraction from pbParams now uses discovery phase values (previously medley phase values were used)
v6.0.12 (pre-release version)
  • email alerts after a resync are attempted up to four times
  • fixed incorrect reporting of MDWS upload timeouts
  • added experimental support for VDSL2 profile 35b
v6.0.11 (pre-release version)
  • corrected upstream/downstream order in signal attenuation log with ADSL
  • added option to choose which types of alert to send emails for
v6.0.10 (not generally released)
  • the resync detection code was rewritten to simplify it
  • the email alert function now supports both Implicit SSL and StartTLS
  • fixed incorrect attenuation log details with ADSL systems
v6.0.9 (pre-release version)
  • added "Save and Clear Now" button to event log
v6.0.8 (limited pre-release version)
  • added "Email from" box to the alerts setup (Login username can be different)
v6.0.7 (limited pre-release version)
  • the email alert function was rewritten to work with newer systems
  • connection speed change is not now used as an indicator of a resync
v6.0.6 (pre-release version)
  • added vectoring state to MDWS uploads
v6.0.5 (pre-release version)
  • DSL uptime is now always derived from AS (available seconds) value
  • "Show billing data" button is greyed out when viewing traffic per minute
  • changes to graph colour are now also applied to G.INP graphs
  • fixed a long term issue which stopped the webserver working properly
  • added ES (errored seconds) to the webserver options
  • fixed an issue with embedding stats text in the webserver combined page
v6.0.4 (pre-release version)
  • Fixed floating point error when saving snapshots of average errors in Windows version
  • HG612_Modem_Stats co-operation option is now available on Linux and RPi versions
  • added option not to include routine events (snapshots) in the event log
  • fixed integer conversion error when using cat /proc/net/dev for traffic
v6.0.3 (pre-release version)
  • added HEC values to MDWS uploads
v6.0.2 released 27 June 2017 (Windows version only)
  • fixed "not responding" error during MDWS uploads with Windows version
v6.0.1 released 25 June 2017
  • fixed failure to close upload program properly after uploading to MDWS
v6.0 released 23 June 2017
  • fixed missing SNRM values in event log entry after a resync
  • added option to select a font for use on the Stats and other text pages
  • fixed multiple uploads of zip files to MDWS
  • incorporates all changes in pre-release versions since v5.9
v5.9.5 (pre-release version)
  • rearranged the telnet timeouts to resolve some issues with v5.9.4
v5.9.4 (pre-release version)
  • fixed non-working email alerts
  • fixed lack of feedback when MDWS uploads time out
  • added event log entry to record SNRM values after a resync
  • increased telnet timeouts to reduce incidence of timeout errors
v5.9.3 (pre-release version)
  • fixed flashing command line window with MDWS uploads in Windows version
  • fixed mutiple defunct processes after MDWS uploads with Linux and Raspberry Pi versions
  • replaced corrupted routers.dat file
v5.9.2 (pre-release version)
  • added timeout for failed uploads to MDWS
  • program time settings are now adjusted when changing between summer and winter time
  • the "Test" button in email alerts setup now works when "Send email alerts" option is not enabled
  • fixed defective webserver templates for SNRM per band up/down
  • the Compress / Expand function with the tone-referenced graphs now uses a popup which adjusts all the relevant graphs, and includes some presets
v5.9.1 (not generally released)
  • corrected small cosmetic error on webserver configuration page in Windows version
  • fixed rare instance of Linux versions of DSLstats failing to start
  • all the graphs with Tone number on the X axis can now be set so their X axis values line up
  • some rearrangement of the graphs for more logical grouping
  • the saved file has been renamed es_data.txt
v5.9 released 26 Feb 2017
  • directs website references to new site
  • incorporates all changes in pre-release versions since v5.8
v5.8.7 (pre-release version)
  • fixed incorrect naming of connection stats file in webserver
v5.8.6 (pre-release version)
  • added event log entries to report dropped and restored connections
  • corrected misreporting of G.INP state with Technicolor modems
v5.8.5 (pre-release version)
  • adjusted the timing for uploading to MDWS to avoid the first 5 seconds of the minute
  • fixed error "24:0:0:0 is not a valid time specification" with some snapshot timings
v5.8.4 (pre-release version)
  • increased the telnet timeout, to try to deal with occasional modem slowness  to respond
  • added an option to enter a custom command prefix in the login configuration
  • the timing of snapshots can now be optionally set to a specific time sequence
  • saving the stats summary text now saves the correct data
  • removed unneeded event log entry for saving attenuation log text
v5.8.2 (pre-release version)
  • corrected bug in displaying average errors over 10 days
  • resetting today's values of average errors now works correctly
  • graph snapshots can now be optionally scaled to a specified size
v5.8.1 (pre-release version)
  • fixed the duplication of autosaved average errors text
  • changed filenames of average errors text to correspond with other snapshot types
  • when switching between locations of configuration files in Windows, the file "traffic.txt" is now copied as well as "traffic.ini"
  • traffic monitoring now works correctly with the Technicolor TG789vn (and probably other Technicolor modems)
v5.8 (derived from v5.7.3)
  • max attainable speeds are now shown on the panel under the graph
  • the ES/hour values on the status bar now always show the present day's values
  • saving the error averages as text now shows the correct values for each day
  • added an option to display traffic by billing month
  • fixed incorrect restoring of traffic 'upload plus download' option
v5.7.6 (withdrawn)
  • fixed incorrect display of traffic by billing month
5.7.5 (not released)
  • added an option to display traffic by billing month
  • fixed incorrect restoring of traffic 'upload plus download' option
5.7.4 (not released)
  • max attainable speeds are now shown on the panel under the graph
  • the ES/hour values on the status bar now always show the present day's values
  • saving the error averages as text now shows the correct values for each day
v5.7.3 (pre-release version)
  • completely rewritten and simplified average errors section
  • the vectoring status is shown on the Stats page
v5.7.1 released 25 February 2016
  • fixed incorrect date display in daily traffic popup
  • made some corrections to the terminology (e.g. 'router' --> 'modem')
  • additional error correction and other changes which may solve the occasional "Divide by zero" errors on the Windows version
  • when the DSL uptime is not available, the AS uptime is used on the Stats page
  • added extra information to MDWS uploads (stats B, M, T, etc.)
v5.6.2 (pre-release version)
  • the state of the error averages 24-hour/Modem-uptime option is now saved and restored
  • corrected inability to save and restore the command prefix 'adslctl'
v5.6.1 (pre-release version)
  • in the Linux versions, the permissions of the mydslwebstats folder are set explicitly
  • the interleave and ES/hour values on the status bar now have both up and down values
  • if an upload to MDWS fails to complete, it should now time out gracefully
  • corrected reversed upstream/downstream speeds with MDWS uploads using Thomson/Tecnicolor modems
v5.6 released 5 August 2015
  • the "Per sample" option under the FEC graph now works correctly (really)
  • changed the sample timing when MDWS is enabled to avoid duplicate uploads
  • when the event log gets to 500 lines, it's autosaved and cleared to start afresh
v5.5.4 (pre-release version)
  • added VDSL2 support for Thomson TG589vn V3
  • added MDWS upload capability for Thomson/Technicolor modems
  • added extra checking and retries for failed telnet disconnects
v5.5.1 (pre-release version)
  • the path to curl.exe in the Windows version is now explicitly defined (may help with occasional curl related issues)
  • three extra items are now optional in "Items to monitor" (disabling these may help with data collection issues with certain modems)
  • the "Per sample" option under the FEC graph now works correctly
v5.5 released 20 May 2015
  • G.INP data is included in the MDWS uploads
  • the attenuation log now records both line and signal attenuation correctly
  • the G.INP graphs now respect the hours per page and line thickness settings
  • the G.INP graphs now scroll correctly
  • corrected some inconsistencies in the use of the MDWS "Check now" button
  • removed unnecessary items in pbParams section of "Items to monitor"
  • added an option "Plot baseline values" to QLN and HLog graphs (this plots in dotted lines the sections which are normally left blank)
  • added a graph of LEFTRS to the G.INP section
  • when the MDWS option is enabled, the sample period is fixed at 60 seconds
  • if a sample is missed as a result of a conflict with HG612_Modem_Stats, the system tray icon flashes
v5.4.5 (pre-release version)
  • Added some G.INP graphs and summary data
  • negative dBm power levels are now reported correctly to MDWS
v5.4.3 (pre-release version)
  • fixed MDWS upload of upstream RSCorr (FEC) values
  • G.INP status is reported to MDWS
v5.4.1 (pre-release version)
  • fixed login issue with Huawei HG635
v5.4 released 17 January 2015
  • MDWS 'per-tone' values are now rounded to one decimal place
  • DSL uptime is now shown correctly with Zyxel VMG1312-B30B
  • DSL mode is now detected correctly with OvisLink OV303RG
  • G.INP status is now reported in the Stats summary
  • fixed MDWS 'USER MISMATCH' error with validation key containing $ character
v5.3.2 (Raspberry Pi only)
  • corrected errors in MyDSLWebStats functions (only Raspberry Pi version affected)
  • simplified the collection of MDWS data to reduce CPU load during sampling
v5.3.1 (pre-release version)
  • corrected small cosmetic error on Snapshots page in Windows version
  • when the average error values are reset, the SES values are now included
  • when the MDWS options "SNR per tone" and "Bitloading" are enabled, the corresponding   options in "Items to monitor" cannot now be disabled
  • when the option "SNR per tone" is disabled in "Items to monitor", its sub-items "Show as  separate graph" and "Include with bitloading" are also disabled
  • empty text files of error averages are no longer autosaved
  • eliminated false positives in detecting resync events
  • added option to select the font used in the graphs
  • the configured modem/router model is noted in the event log on startup and after changing
  • with modems which don't report FECs directly, DSLstats now falls back to RSCorr for FECs
  • uploads to MDWS from locales which use a comma as the decimal divider are now converted  to the UK format before uploading
  • modified the telnet login function slightly to accommodate modems which apply extra formatting to the login prompt
v5.3 released 11 December 2014
  • changed the way CRCs and FECs are collected (using "Total time = ..." section instead of SFErr and RSCorr)
  • completely removed the autodetection of HG622 to avoid false event log entries
  • corrected wrong upstream SNRM per band values sent to MyDSLWebStats
  • the system tray icon is now pulsed red/green after three successive samples failed to retrieve any stats
  • added a graph of SES values, and added SES to the average errors table
  • improved the detection of resync events
  • added option to send an alert if MyDSLWebStats uploading fails (or will fail)
  • if MyDSLWebStats uploading fails for a transient reason, the MDWS option is not disabled
  • improved the MDWS validation key checking function
  • fixed a rare error with MDWS uploads (some integers were wrongly assigned two decimal places)
v5.2 released 17 October 2014
  • fixed empty legend (in some circumstances) in SNRM per band graphs
  • added a check to validate the username and validation key for MyDSLWebStats
  • made several minor improvements to MyDSLWebStats functions
v5.1.2 (pre-release version)
  • corrected wrong values in average errors table after a reset
  • fixed malfunction with D-Link DSL-2640B
v5.1 released 03 October 2014

All the changes in the pre-release and test versions, plus:
  • fixed upstream/downstream colours in QLN and HLog graphs
  • fixed multiple entries in attenuation log with VDSL2 connections
  • improved the presentation of the QLN and HLog graphs with VDSL2 connections
  • fixed incorrect line attenuation and FEC/minute values reported in MyDSLWebStats
  • fixed failure of some Linux systems to upload MyDSLWebStats data
v5.0.11 (second test version)
  • fixed program lockup with VDSL2 connections
  • fixed incorrect reporting of signal attenuation on VDSL2
  • fixed error which could cause some MyDSLWebStats graphs to fail to display
  • added MyDSLWebStats option to omit per-tone values (temporary fix for some Linux systems) - removed in v5.1
v5.0.10 (test version)
  • fixed access violation when traffic monitoring drop-down box is manually edited
  • fixed incorrect handling of overall line/signal attenuation on VDSL2 connections
  • fixed occasional "List index (0) out of bounds" error when checking for updates
  • possibly fixed rare graphing error which caused deep downward spikes in SNRM to be displayed as upward spikes
  • added feature to upload connection stats to MyDSLWebStats
v5.0.2 (pre-release version)
  • all text pages now have "Copy to clipboard" buttons
  • all graphs now have legends and "Hide legend" checkboxes
  • all graphs with "Tone number" on the X axis now have a timestamp under the graph at the left
  • changed the vertical scaling of the QLN and HLog graphs to better reflect the range of  possible values
  • fixed bug whereby resyncs weren't being detected (for alerts and for the resync count)
  • fixed a small cosmetic error with snapshots on Linux systems
  • fixed exception which resulted when manually editing the traffic monitoring "Model" box
  • added option to take auto snapshots of the traffic graphs
  • made some changes which may resolve issues with "List index (0) out of bounds" and  "Division by zero" errors seen by some users
v5.0.1 released 08 July 2014
  • fixed login problems with some routers (e.g. Billion 7800N)
v5.0 released 04 July 2014
  • all the changes in the pre-release versions, plus:
  • corrected height of container boxes on Alerts tab in Windows
  • corrected non-restoring of SNR margin graph minimum Y value
  • SNR per tone can now be shown as a separate graph and included with bitloading at the same time
  • when right-clicking bitloading graph, the SNR value is always set when SNR per tone is being monitored, otherwise it shows 'N/A'
  • corrected CRC and FEC alerts always logged as per-minute
  • added right-click on SNR per tone graph to see tone details
v4.54.8 (pre-release version)
  • improved signal attenuation reporting to include more modem/routers
  • HG622 override options are now saved
  • made some changes to deal with false positives in the HG622 detection
  • corrected repeating log event messages when HG622 is detected
  • alert triggers for CRC and FEC events can be per-minute or per-sample values
v4.54.7 (pre-release version)
  • fixed non-deletion of webserver files when changing snapshot directory after startup
  • now autodetects modems which require the HG622 workaround (with an optional manual override)
  • when an email alert is sent, it's noted in the event log
  • added some more checks to trap rare "Division by zero" errors
  • added "Save text" buttons to each of the Telnet Data tabs
  • CRC and FEC graphs now rescale correctly when switching between per-sample and per-minute
  • added signal attenuation to the Stats page (for modems which return the information)
  • added a reset button to the login configuration page
  • fixed an occasional scaling error on the ES/hour chart when viewing earlier days
v4.54.6 (pre-release version)
  • fixed non-functioning custom commands
  • fixed non-functioning advanced tweaks
  • fixed spike in CRC and FEC values after coming out of standby (hopefully)
  • added option to plot per-sample values on CRC and FEC graphs
  • improved the robustness of the program under error conditions, and added more logging
  • (Windows only) when the HG612-Modem-Stats co-operation option is set, a dummy program called dslstatssampling.exe is run while sampling takes place. This can be detected by other monitoring programs to avoid clashes.
v4.54.4 (pre-release version)
  • telnet code rewritten using a different networking library for greater speed
  • minimum sample period reduced to 1 second (VDSL2 connections will need higher value)
  • made some changes to the login code to suit HG622 and possibly some similar models
  • corrected issues with D-Link DSL-2640B
  • added option for logarithmic Y axis on Connection speed graph
  • fixed some issues with graph scrolling
  • login should now work with modem/routers which don't require username and password to log in
  • made some changes to the way webserver files are deleted when the webserver is disabled
  • improved the handling of change of snapshots folder
v4.53.3 released 29 May 2014
  • fixed possible issue when changing the snapshots folder
v4.53.2 (pre-release version)
  • errored seconds settings are now saved and restored on startup
  • fixed webserver error (caused by missing file)
v4.53 released 4 May 2014 (updated to 4.53.1)

(v4.53.1 corrects an unwanted popup when selecting a router in the Login page)
  • added option to keep the alert trigger levels at the values configured by the user
  • fixed "No data received" error with Thomson/Technicolor routers
  • fixed missing RSCorr/RS (%) values on Stats page
  • fixed missing AS uptime value on Status bar
  • added Zyxel VMG8324-B10A to the the list of supported models
  • added Huawei HG635 to the list of supported models and changed login code to support it
  • fixed no plotting of bitswaps per minute
  • added the number of resyncs since recording started to the Stats page
  • modified HG612-Modem-Stats co-operation to ensure synchronisation at all times
v4.52.1 released 19 Apr 2014
  • fixed "List index (-1) out of bounds" error with some setups
v4.52 released 18 Apr 2014
  • while recording is in process the login details can't be changed (you now have to pause or stop recording first)
  • fixed issue with invisible graph labels when using a dark desktop theme
  • fixed incorrect detection of VDSL2 band plan with some modem/routers
  • the alerts system can now send alerts to the event log as well as to email
  • added more triggers to the alerts system (CRC, FEC, ES, SNRM return after low value)
  • the email alert "From" address is now set to a sensible format
  • now provides some limited support for D-Link DSL-3780 (more work to be done)
v4.50.1 released 25 Mar 2014
  • fixed "List index (1) out of bounds" error with some systems
v4.50 released 20 Mar 2014
  • added modem/router firmware version to the Stats summary
  • added timestamp to the Stats summary
  • added option for a combined web page to the webserver
  • added options to save all snapshot items to the webserver (as images and text files)
  • fixed incorrect behaviour of ES/hour chart with a user specified max Y value
  • disabled manual editing of the snapshot directory (which created multiple directories)
  • corrected a small cosmetic defect in the display of CRC and FEC graphs when in logarithmic mode
  • the CRC and FEC graphs now don't plot successive zero values in logarithmic mode
  • corrected mishandling of negative values in pbParams output
  • added command prefix options "xdslctl0" and "xdslctl1" (for C2000A and C2000T modems)
v4.44 released 22 Feb 2014
  • fixed "invalid typecast" error when scrolling the SNRM per band graph (DS) with the mouse scrollwheel
  • fixed some issues with autosaving snapshots
  • added option to fix the maximum Y value of the ES per hour graph
  • improved the update notification procedure to accommodate 3-part version numbers
      (won't be effective until the next version release after this of course)
v4.43.1 released 13 Feb 2014
  • fixed issues with minimising and restoring the program to the system tray
v4.43 released 12 Feb 2014
  • webserver folder is now under the snapshots folder
  • webserver folder can be optionally deleted when the webserver is disabled
  • all graphs with "Tone number" on the X axis now have the same horizontal scaling options
  • added a button to set the window size and position to the values it had at startup
  • did some reworking of the graph drawing code, to make the behaviour more robust and consistent
  • the graphs can now be scrolled by using the mouse scrollwheel (as an alternative to dragging)
  • the average errors summary can now be switched between 24-hour averages and router uptime averages
  • added popup showing details in traffic charts when mouse is hovered over them
  • disabled keyboard editing of max and min Y values of SNRM graph (which could cause crash)
  • configuration settings are now autosaved every 10 minutes
v4.41 released 17 Jan 2014
  • added variable scaling of horizontal axis of QLN and HLog graphs
  • added option to snapshot on exit all graphs which are set to auto-snapshot
  • added option to change the refresh period of the webserver graphs
  • added option to snapshot or manually save the Stats summary
  • fixed bug which caused access violation when switching the webserver on - off - on
  • the SNRM per band graphs now respect the graph line thickness setting
  • fixed a display disturbance while the webserver is updating its pages
  • the email alert system now works with TLS/SSL email services
  • fixed issue of empty snapshots of QLN and HLog graphs
v4.40 released 04 Jan 2014 (upgraded to 4.40.1 which includes file missing in v4.40)
  • fixed longstanding bug which could sometimes cause access violation when autosaving snapshots
  • QLN and HLog graph timestamps are now refreshed only after a stop or pause (i.e. when the data is re-read)
  • fixed issue which resulted in incorrect VDSL2 band plan detection on some systems (hopefully)
  • the legend displayed on most graphs can now optionally be at the top right or top left
  • the Configuration tab is now at the right hand end (to the right of the Event Log tab)
  • added an embedded webserver to enable remote monitoring of the DSL connection
  • added startup check to ensure that only one instance of DSLstats is running
v4.31 released 14 Dec 2013
  • fixed issue whereby the SNRM per band graphs didn't respond to a change of graph background colour
  • fixed incorrect detection of bands used in the SNRM per band graphs with some connections
  • added a startup check to see if the configured snapshots directory has been renamed or deleted
  • added right-click display of highest and lowest values of SNRM per band
  • made improvements to the handling of different decimal separators and locales
  • auto deletion of snapshots now includes category folders and xml and text snapshots
  • fixed Access Violation when saving XML data with category folders enabled
  • QLN and HLog graphs are now refreshed after a pause
v4.30 released 02 Dec 2013
  • fixed issue in which the bitswaps per tone compression value wasn't restored after a restart
  • fixed issue in which the snapshot category folders option wasn't restored after a restart
  • fixed issue of blank attenuation values on Stats page when one reported value is zero
  • fixed issue of blank files of custom commands text being saved when the option to display the data in the event log is chosen
  • added graphs of SNRM per band for VDSL2 connections
v4.21 released 18 Nov 2013
  • corrected the cosmetic error on the custom commands page in the Windows version
  • corrected formatting of the pbParams display for VDSL2 connections which don't report band U4
  • corrected wrongly coloured graphs with VDSL2 connections which don't use band U0 (hopefully)
  • corrected "No DSL connection" error with Thomson/Technicolor routers
v4.2 released 17 Nov 2013
  • the tray icon and application icon now change colour depending on connection status
  • custom commands can be separately linked to different events
  • added option to send email alerts triggered by various events (e.g. low SNRM)
  • added a button to manually get the user's IP address
  • fixed occasional bug whereby the ES / hour chart didn't rescale correctly
  • fixed issue in which the QLN option "Show extended tone range" didn't show the extra data
  • added option to save snapshots in category folders
  • tidied up the pbParams display for routers which provide badly formatted output
  • fixed failure to save event log on exit (if configured)
v4.12 (not formally released)
  • fixed issue with custom commands ("Every" option didn't work after program restart)
v4.11 released 31 Oct 2013
  • made some changes to the arrangement of tabs and other items to reduce clutter
  • VDSL2 band plan determination should now work correctly with all band plans
  • when using HG612-Modem-Stats co-operation, only up to 5 samples will be aborted when conflicts are detected
  • for routers requiring a second stage of login, added a small delay before the second stage command
  • the HLog graph no longer blanks illegal values, but plots all values reported by the router
  • added an option to temporarily switch the QLN graph to display the full tone range on VDSL2
v4.1 released 20 Oct 2013
  • added QLN and HLog to the auto snapshot list
  • corrected the unintended daily saving of Bitswaps XML data
  • option to save Bitswaps XML data is now greyed out with Thomson routers
  • enabling auto snapshots of ES/hour chart now persists between runs of the program
  • in Windows version there is now an option to save config files in either the OS-advised directory or the directory where the other DSLstats files are stored
  • when starting DSLstats, the first line in the event log now records the location of the config files
  • the output of custom commands is now timestamped
  • added an option to send the output of custom commands to the event log
  • corrected faulty VDSL2 band plan detection with new BT band plan
  • on VDSl2 connections the tone range displayed in graphs is restricted to the highest value seen in the medley phase band plan
  • the order of tabs under the main Configuration tab was slightly rearranged, and "Options" has been renamed "Items to Monitor"
  • some minor cosmetic changes
v4.02 released 09 Oct 2013
  • fixed failure to autosave some text files
v4.01 released 08 Oct 2013
  • fixed login issue with Billion 7800N (and possibly some other routers)
v4.0 released 07 Oct 2013
  • fixed issue in which the bitswaps per tone chart didn't scroll properly
  • fixed issue which resulted in wrong event log error message when login failed with some routers
  • in Windows version, DSLstats configuration files are now saved in correct directory
  • slightly rearranged items on Stats page to group them more logically
  • after the PC has been sleeping or hibernating, DSLstats no longer tries to play back all the missing samples
  • added option to autosave pages of text data
v3.97 released 24 Sept 2013
  • fixed issue which caused incorrect data to be shown in the bitswaps per tone graph
v3.96 released 20 Sept 2013
  • fixed issue whereby a right-click on the bitloading chart selected wrong tone when the value of pixels per tone was set to 1 or 2
  • fixed issue whereby compressing the horizontal scale of the bitswaps per tone graph didn't reveal data to the right of the graph
  • fixed issue which resulted in the first hour of the day not displaying any errored seconds data
  • fixed issue which occasionally resulted in "List index (256) out of bounds" error with some routers
  • made some changes to the handling of Thomson routers to improve and extend compatibility
  • added Thomson TG589vn v3 to the "compatible" list
v3.95 not released (Windows build made available to testers)
  • errored seconds chart data is now automatically saved once an hour
  • the bitswaps per tone chart can now be expanded / compressed by a variable amount
[Remaining changes apply to Windows version only, for users of HG612-Modem-Stats]
  • the "synchronise" option has been moved to the Misc section and renamed "HG612-Modem-Stats co-operation"
        the above option now does the following:
  • sets sample repetition to 1 minute
  • delays recording start as necessary so it starts between 35 and 40 seconds after the minute
  • checks before each sample to see if one of the HG612-Modem-Stats programs is running, and if so that sample is aborted and an entry is made in the event log

v3.94 released 01 Sept 2013
  • corrected issue which caused program to crash at the start of a new month
  • sample timing is now linked directly to the system time, so it shouldn't drift over time
  • added option to save the event log automatically after each new event is logged
v3.92 released 30 Aug 2013
  • corrected errored seconds chart not responding to colour changes
  • corrected error whereby the year shown on the traffic charts was wrong in some circumstances
  • added option to show upstream and downstream traffic on a per-minute basis
  • added a 10-second delay to sampling if a possible conflict with another monitoring program is detected
  • added a "Synchronise with HG612-Modem-Stats" option which attempts to avoid login conflicts with that program by delaying the start of recording when necessary
  • corrected error which can sometimes occur if the router is disconnected
Raspberry Pi build of v3.9 released 21 Aug 2013

v3.9 released 15 Aug 2013
  • fixed issues with very high incorrect values of CRC and FEC being reported in some circumstances
  • improved the handling of implausible traffic values with some routers
  • corrected the malfunctioning reset buttons for traffic monitoring
  • added a barchart of errored seconds per hour
  • added a button to take immediate snapshots of all active graphs
  • added option to take auto snapshots at different rate from time per page
  • separated snapshot configuration from graph configuration to reduce clutter
v3.82 released 01 Aug 2013
  • fixed "xxxx is not a valid integer" issue
  • improved the way in which FECs and CRCs are recorded and graphed
  • fixed bug which resulted in reported average error rates increasing when closing down and restarting program
  • improved the consistency of the traffic monitoring data under various conditions
  • made some corrections to the traffic monitoring setup for some routers
  • added option to reverse the RX/TX values for traffic monitoring (appears to be necessary with some modem/routers, such as HG622)
  • traffic monitoring data is autosaved every 10 minutes
  • added option to show maximum monthly allowance on traffic monitoring monthly graph
  • added option to monitor signal attenuation values on VDSL2 connections
  • corrected issue whereby the traffic monitoring chart didn't respond to colour changes
  • fixed display malfunction on Connection speed graph when scrolling back to a paused section
  • QLN and HLog graphs (if enabled) are now refreshed after a resync
  • the IP address is now always refreshed after a resync
v3.7 released 20 July 2013
  • added option to choose horizontal scaling of bitloading graph (1, 2 or 3 pixels per tone)
  • fixed issue whereby the SNRM graph would sometimes be clipped when using manual scaling
  • added INP values to Stats page for Thomson routers
  • added experimental feature to monitor upstream and downstream traffic
v3.61 released 13 July 2013
  • fixed "no bitloading data received" error with Thomson/Technicolor routers
  • fixed non-functional "Copy to clipboard" buttons

v3.6 released 07 July 2013
  • rewrite of code for CRC and FEC errors to try to deal with all possible deviations from the normal continuous upward progression
  • improved error trapping for situations in which contact with the internet is unavailable
  • XML options are now saved in the .ini file
  • router model is now saved in the .ini file
  • fixed issue whereby the average error data was unnecessarily saved and reset
  • added option to autodelete snapshots older than a specified number of days
  • corrected small cosmetic error in Windows version (horizontal positioning of x axis time values on graphs)
  • corrected wrong CLI command prefix in router data for Billion 7700N and 7800N
  • added feature to monitor the attenuation and report if it changes
  • added option to auto-restart recording N minutes after a pause
v3.5 released 27 June 2013
  • added optional command line parameter "maximised" or "maximized"
  • added miscellaneous option "Start program maximised"
  • corrected error which put the upstream INP value on the wrong line in the Stats page
  • corrected missing Status value with routers which report status and speed on the same line
  • added option to save accumulated graph data as XML files, and to load the saved data back into the program (for all graphs which have time on the X axis)
  • fixed issue with repeated recording start with Windows version when starting automatically
  • fixed issue with event log being saved in the wrong directory and with no filename extension
  • corrected errors in autosaving on exit (hopefully)
v3.41 released 17 June 2013
  • - fixed issue of very small font on Connection stats tab in Windows version
  • - corrected slightly clipped text label on SNR margin page
v3.4 released 16 June 2013
  • added "Send now" button to custom commands setup
  • when saving average error rates as a text file, the filename includes a number which is incremented after each save
  • average error rates are now saved in daily folders if that option is selected
  • added option for user to set max and min Y values on SNRM graph
  • fixed bug which could result in negative values being plotted on CRC/FEC graphs when using log scaling and with sample periods greater than 1 minute
  • when saving the configuration, a warning message is shown if the file cannot be saved
  • corrected possible rare error in calculation of average error rates
  • corrected inappropriate rescaling of bitloading graph when SNR is included
  • added a database of "Special login" routers (only two models so far)
v3.31 released 01 June 2013
  • fixed issue whereby program would freeze after first sample on some systems
v3.3 released 30 May 2013
  • added option to send custom CLI commands to the router at specified times
  • removed the "First login" option from Special login (replaced by the above feature)
  • added seconds value to snapshot filenames
  • added a reminder on the normal Login page if Special login is enabled
  • now records the user's IP address in the event log, and logs it again if it changes
  • on the "Advanced tweaks" page, if Apply is pressed when no options are set, an advisory
      message is displayed, and no action is taken
v3.2 released 17 May 2013
  • corrected missing AS value with DG834Nv1
  • corrected failure of bitswaps per min chart to respond to colour changes
  • configuration is now saved to disk when the "Start recording" button is pressed
  • added option to choose frequency of checks for updated version, and a "Check now" button
  • corrected calculation of error percentages in Stats tab for some routers
  • SNRM tweaking is now included in Advanced tweaking instead of being on a separate tab
  • if the event log is set to autosnapshot, it's now updated before the snapshot is taken
  • the event log is now enabled by default
  • snapshots of the event log now retain only the latest version (each time DSLstats is launched, a new filename is allocated to the event log snapshots)
  • fixed issue whereby CRC/FEC error graphs didn't continue to plot after a re-sync
v3.1 released 09 May 2013
  • fixed issue of program crash after sampling with HG622 (and possibly some other routers)
v3.0 released 08 May 2013
  • name changed to DSLstats
  • added option for logarithmic Y axis on CRC graph
  • added option to disable popup hints
  • passwords are now encrypted in the .ini file
  • added option to save snapshots in daily folders
  • added page of advanced tweaks
  • the SNRM tweak value can now be changed in increments of 0.1 dB
  • added option to hide upstream or downstream data on 'per minute' graphs
  • added some extra data to the Stats page
  • added options to start minimised and to start recording on program launch
  • event log is now enabled by default
  • fixed issue with some systems in which autosizing of text items didn't work correctly
  • fixed issue whereby the bitswaps per minute graph would plot continuous zeroes after a resync
  • fixed issue whereby the interleaving values were read from the wrong section on some systems
  • fixed misbehaviour of max sustainable speed graph after a re-sync
  • corrected absence of DSLAM/MSAN type in Stats page with some systems
v2.91 released 25 Apr 2013
  • negative values on "per minute" graphs are now fully trapped
  • added program/version identification to graphs
v2.9 released 23 Apr 2013
  • added support for Thomson/Technicolor modem/routers
  • now takes account of Annex M tone bands
  • if an update is detected when the program is running minimised, it now restores itself
  • fixed issue whereby max attainable speed values were always zero with some routers
  • improved the handling of misreported CRC and FEC errors (negative values trapped)
  • improved the handling of router error conditions (router switched off, disconnected etc.)
  • squeezed a little more data into the status bar
  • changed the scaling of SNR per tone when included with bitloading so it equates with 3 dB/bit
v2.8 released 14 Apr 2013
  • fixed bug which left gaps in SNR per tone graph when included with bitloading in compressed form
  • fixed issue which resulted in large peaks in displayed CRC and FEC levels after emerging from standby
  • changed method of determining CRC/FEC errors so as to work with all compatible modem/routers
  • added summary of average error rates over various periods
  • added "Copy to clipboard" button to the above, and also to the basic stats page
  • minor cosmetic changes to accommodate larger fonts
v2.73 released 05 Apr 2013
  • fixed bug whereby tweaking didn't work when using special login
  • increased maximum clipping level for CRC graph
  • fixed issue with resuming after a long pause
  • fixed bug which caused floating point error with some configurations when minimised to the system tray
  • fixed issue of lockup when emerging from standby
  • improved reporting of login errors
  • added option to pause after login error
v2.71 released 27 Mar 2013
  • improved the handling of update notifications, with user options
  • update notifications now display the changelog
  • fixed issue whereby system close button would instantly close program when system tray options were enabled
  • fixed issue whereby "per minute" graph values were always shown as whole numbers
  • improved the handling of error conditions
  • added option to save login diagnostic information to the event log (enabled by default)
  • changed the order of event log entries to show sequence of events more clearly (oldest first)
  • using special login, extra commands can be sent to the router after logging in for the first sample in a session
  • added option of command line parameters "minimise" (or "minimize") and "startrecording"
  • added plots of maximum attainable rates to the connection speed graph
v2.6 released 19 Mar 2013
  • corrected behaviour of system tray options
  • added Minimise to system tray menu
  • corrected calculation of "per minute" graph values with change of sample time
  • fixed crash of Windows version when the system tray options were changed before the first run of the program
  • removed Linksys X3000 from the routers list (not compatible with this program)
  • adjusted the layout of the tweaking page to make more room for larger fonts
  • improved the "Special login" capability to make it more widely applicable (**** still experimental ****)

v2.51 released 07 Mar 2013

  • added option to make exit button minimise the program instead of shutting it down
  • removed incorrect label from bitswaps per min clipping level
  • default clipping level for bitswaps per min increased to 100
  • corrected some visual misbehaviour when enabling and disabling various graphs
  • corrected error whereby the bitloading graph would sometimes be visible when disabled
  • it's no longer required to press "Apply" on the basic configuration page
  • added experimental "Special login" page for routers with a more complicated route to the BusyBox shell
  • System tray icon popup hint shows downstream speed and SNRM
  • added partial implementation of automatic update (downloads new version, but doesn't update)
v2.41 released 28 Feb 2013
  • fixed "divide by zero" error when enabling log scaling for FEC graph
v2.4 released 26 Feb 2013
  • added option to minimise the program to the system tray
  • added option to ask user to confirm exit from the program
  • added extra configuration tab "Misc" for the above options and some others
  • increased range of clipping for the FEC graph
  • added option to disable clipping on the FEC graph
  • added option for logarithmic Y axis on the FEC graph
  • added option to snapshot all active graphs on exit
  • added clipping to the bitswaps per minute graph
  • improved the scaling of the bitswaps per tone graph (to avoid strange Y axis values)
  • some cosmetic improvement to the graphs (a little space above the highest Y value)
  • improved handling of router switch-off or disconnection
  • improved program shutdown procedure to resolve occasional access violation (hopefully)
  • decluttered the configuration tabs
v2.3 released 18 Feb 2013
  • rearranged popup hints into shorter lines, to avoid truncation on some systems
  • increased space available for text captions so they don't disappear on some systems
  • corrected error whereby change of graph line thickness wasn't propagated to all graphs
  • changed the way in which graph clipping is implemented; unclipped values are now stored, and the clipping level can be changed at any time
  • control of the clipping level is now implemented separately on each graph which can benefit from it
  • filenames of snapshots can optionally be ordered by date/time or graph type
  • basic configuration now includes a router model selector to fill in default details
v2.2 released 10 Feb 2013
  • added option to autosnapshot the event log
  • added option to save the event log on exit
  • corrected error in recording bitswaps per tone with some routers
  • corrected issue of spike in swaps per minute graph after pause or missing sample
  • pauses and missing samples are plotted as empty spaces instead of zero values as before
  • fixed bug whereby the QLN and HLog graphs couldn't be seen
  • added option to hide the legend on the time-related graphs (if they obscure the graph)
  • QLN, HLog and SNR per tone graphs now respond to Expanded/Compressed option with ADSL connections
v2.1 released 4 Feb 2013
  • when a re-sync occurs, or no data is received from the router, zero values are plotted, and sampling continues instead of pausing as it did before
  • fixed bug whereby a change in graph colours wasn't propagated to all the graphs
  • fixed bug whereby a right-click below the bitloading graph didn't clear the tone values
  • if recording is paused for a long period, the program no longer hangs when attempting to resume recording
  • an issue with button positioning and graph resizing has been resolved
  • an option has been added to specify the connection type as Annex M so that tweaking or re-syncing works correctly with this type of connection
  • the program now takes account of different decimal separators used in different locales
  • confusing items removed from the colour selectors used for graph configuration
  • the zero-byte 'test' file used to verify the snapshot directory is now deleted after use
v2.0.1 released 31 Jan 2013
  • corrected login error with some routers
v2.0 released 30 Jan 2013
  • rewrite of section of program dealing with telnet access (code cleanup)
  • added an option to tweak the SNR margin
  • added graphs showing bitswaps per tone and bitswaps per minute
  • rearranged the tabs to group related graphs under one main tab
  • renamed Error log as "Event log" and it now includes entries for other events
  • added a date indicator to the time scrolling graphs
  • true DSL link time is shown on the status bar for those routers which provide this data
  • corrected error in VDSL2 band plan determination
  • Help button now takes you to the program website instead of local help files
v1.11 released 17 Jan 2013
  • added option to use a different telnet port
v1.1 released 15 Jan 2013
  • added option to use other styles of the Command prefix, to accommodate routers which use these styles
v1.0 released 31 Dec 2012
  • if Pause, Stop or Exit buttons are pressed during sampling, the response is delayed until the sampling process is complete, to avoid possible lockup
  • when saving snapshots, a check is made to ensure that the target directory exists and is writeable, and an error is logged if not
v1.0RC2 released 04 Dec 2012
  • removed 2-minute overlap between successive auto snapshots
  • added extra error trapping to avoid possible lockup situations
  • added error log to record communication or data errors between program and router
  • added detection of RSCorr values as alternative source of FEC error data
v1.0RC1 released 02 Oct 2012
  • corrected SNR tab being visible when SNR per tone is included with bitloading
  • corrected auto snapshots of separate SNR per tone graph
  • corrected incorrect colouring of separate SNR per tone graph on VDSL2 connections
  • corrected failure to save some settings on exit
v0.93 released 27 Sept 2012
  • removed option to use SF for uptime and labelled AS uptime as what it is
  • corrected incorrect colouring of bitloading graph on VDSL2 systems
  • added option to display SNR per tone as a separate graph or included with bitloading
  • fixed a typo in the code which could result in incorrect rescaling of the CRC graph
v0.92 released 19 Sept 2012
  • program is now multithreaded, so responsiveness isn't degraded during sampling
  • added "System uptime" figure and option to use AS or SF for (DSL) uptime
  • corrected wrong positioning of some buttons
  • changed layout of QLN/HLog pages so that resizing doesn't cause components to overlap
  • increased minimum size of window so that resizing doesn't cause display problems
  • corrected scaling of SNR per tone graph
  • corrected issue when pausing in the middle of a sampling period
  • "Sampling" is now displayed during the initial sampling period (although not really necessary any more)
  • corrected issue which gave error message "The internet connection may have been dropped"
  • sorted out enabling/disabling of the Start/Pause/Stop buttons to reflect status
  • changed code which detects VDSL2 band plans, to take account of systems which don't use band U0
v0.91 released 12 Sept 2012 (32-bit Linux only)
  • reduced size of fonts
v0.9 released 11 Sept 2012
  • added option to plot CRC and FEC errors
  • added "Stats" page
  • bitloading graph is now rescaled when SNR per tone exceeds 50 dB (really)
  • fixed wrong DSL uptime shown with some routers (really)
  • fixed wandering/disappearing "Take snapshot" button
  • fixed lockup when resizing the window to a very small size
  • tidied up some aspects of the graph presentation
v0.81 (bugfix release) released 5 Sept 2012
  • the timer for the sample rate is now accurate to about 20 milliseconds
  • fixed incorrect negative value shown for tone 0 on SNR per tone graph
  • bitloading graph is now rescaled when SNR per tone exceeds 50 dB (*still to be fixed*)
  • fixed wrong DSL uptime shown with some routers (*still to be fixed*)
  • pbParams tab is now hidden for ADSL connections
  • fixed blank autosaved snapshots
  • fixed "Invalid floating point operation" error when saving a snapshot in some circumstances
  • QLN and HLog graphs now blank sections where invalid data is supplied by the router, and try to take account of differences between Huawei and ECI DSLAMs
  • time stamp on Bitloading chart is fixed at the time of the most recent sample
v0.8 released 30 Aug 2012
  • added pause and resume feature
  • added option to plot QLN and HLog data
  • improved tabulation of telnet data
  • clearer icons on toolbar
  • added option to change the thickness of graph lines
  • included HTML help
v0.7 released 22 Aug 2012
  • replaced off-the-shelf graphing component with custom written component for more predictable behaviour
  • added option to clip the displayed SNR margin (to avoid major rescaling of the Y axis when a spurious large value is reported by the router)
  • made changes in processing which will hopefully avoid freezes
  • remembers window size and position on exit
v0.6 (not released)
  • added auto detection of VDSL2 band plans
  • added auto detection of DSL type
  • for automatic snapshots of bitloading chart, the user can choose whether to snap expanded or compressed versions, independently of what is currently on view
  • time overlap between automatic snapshots reduced to 2 minutes
  • added optional graph of SNR per tone to the bitloading chart
  • divided the configuration page into sections
  • divided the "Telnet data" page into separate tabs for each telnet command
v0.5 released 12 Aug 2012
  • corrected errors in autosaving snapshots
  • added option to display bitloading chart in expanded or compressed style
  • changed filename of config file in Windows version to "rsw.ini"
  • minor cosmetic changes
v0.4 released 9 Aug 2012
  • first Windows version
  • corrected "List index exceeds bounds" error when wrong stats command prefix is chosen
  • corrected display error on bitloading page when resizing
  • added feature to take manual and automatic snapshots of the graphs
  • added indicator of time when recording was started
  • minor cosmetic changes
v0.3 released 6 Aug 2012
  • added bitloading graph (with drag scrolling)
  • right-clicking on a tone displays the details of that tone
  • added separate "DSL type" entries for VDSL2 profile 8a and VDSL2 profile 17a
  • some small cosmetic improvements
v0.2 released 2 Aug 2012
  • added user configuration of graph colours
  • increased font size of graph axis figures
  • increased maximum time per page to 24 hours
  • changed info displayed in status bar
  • added horizontal scrolling of the graphs by dragging with the mouse
  • some optimisations to improve the GUI responsiveness
  • added "Sampling" indicator (to indicate unresponsive period)
v0.1.0.1 released 31 Jul 2012
  • Minor cosmetic improvement. First 64-bit version
v0.1 released 30 Jul 2012
  • Original 32-bit Linux release
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