Advanced tweaks

Configuration --> Advanced --> Advanced tweaks

(Not applicable to Thomson/Technicolor routers)

From this page you can send specialised commands to the router.

Advanced tweaks

This page is for expert users only. If you're not sure what these commands do, it would probably be best not to experiment.

On the left hand side there are several switches for features which can be enabled or disabled. Tick the "Include" box for any items you want to set, and select "On" or "Off" for each. For the target SNRM offset, adjust the slider until the figure in red or green indicates the amount by which you want to change the target SNRM (as set in the exchange). As you change the settings, the command which will be sent to the router is shown in green on the right-hand side.

When you click "Apply", recording will first be paused if it's currently running, then the command shown will be sent to the router. A progress bar gives a countdown of 60 seconds. The router will drop the connection and attempt to reconnect with the new settings. After 60 seconds, recording will be resumed if it was running before.

If you click "Apply" when no options are set, an advisory message will be displayed under the Apply button and no action will be taken.

Custom CLI command

If you tick this box you can enter a custom command to be sent to the router. What happens after you click "Apply" will depend on the command which you enter. No checking is done to ensure that the command is valid or sensible.